Kaspar Dejong

I would like to put light on the following. The poles I took out of a trash container and mistook for industrial urban objects were in fact art works made by Ásgerður Birna Björnsdóttir. I hereby would like to credit Ásgerður Birna Björnsdóttir for her work and apologise for the inconvenience I caused her by using her poles assuming that they were damaged signs from public space. I hope by sharing the facts of this story that I have provided a broader perspective on the situation. I unintentionally and without ulterior motives used her artwork. Also I want to thank Birna for adding the additional information to her statement. 

Birna’s sculptures had been misplaced in a shared storage space in our studio complex and were still missing when she moved out of her studio.I found the sculptures in the trash container of the studio complex, believing them to be discarded industrial objects. It was never Birna’s intention to throw these works away and not my intention to use another artist’s works as my own. 

Due both to the Covid-19 outbreak and personal events the returning of the sculptures was delayed. The returning of the works should've been taken better care of and handled more accurately. I am glad to solve the matter in a friendly way, that the works have returned to Birna, the situation has been resolved and we can leave it behind us. 

Birna Björnsdóttir @b__i__r__n__a

Image: Comp Ass, 2016, Ásgerður Birna Björnsdóttir

You can see more of her work at www.asgerdurbirnabjornsdottir.info


Kaspar Dejong, Maastricht(1995)
Lives and works in Amsterdam

Currently studying Master Fine Arts, At Sandberg Institute.
2014-2017 Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam
2015-2016 Escola Massana, Grau Universitari en Arts i Disseny, Barcelona Spanje

*Quarantine covid 19, Online exhibition curated by Xaci Ceerre, with Abel Iglesias, Carl Otto Linde, Adrian Castaneda, Amaya Suberviola, Anne Holm, Aske Hyldborg, Eliot Mowes, Eloy Arribas, Ibon Landa, Idir Davaine, Jorge Isla, Josep Maynou, Luce, M.A Erba, Mikel Ruiz Pejenaute, Milena Rossignoli, Miquel Falgas, Nacho Tusquets, Rosh, Sasha Missfeldt, Sergio Gomez, Teo Konukhov, Vincent Spek. Wu Han. 2020
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2017 Brickfive, Vienna, Oostenrijk


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Nationale Nederlanden NL,
DSM Kunstcollectie, Nl
MUMC Maastricht, NL
Dagblad de Limburger, NL
private collections. NL


Studio Adres: Iso
Isolatorweg 17